Andrée Peel

Miracles do Happen! gives a harrowing account of the experiences of Andrée Virot, who worked with the French Resistance Movement in Brittany during the early 1940's, under the codename 'Rose', and as an agent for British Intelligence.

Andrée undertook great acts of valour, supplying information to the Allies and helping to repatriate English and American airmen. Eventually she was betrayed and sent to Ravensbruck and Buchenwald concentration camps, where she escaped death several times.

A deeply religious lady, Andrée has no doubt that God delivered her from the gas chambers and firing squads for a purpose. After the war she married and moved to England, where she discovered that she had been given a remarkable gift of healing. Until her recent death, Andrée devoted her life to relieving the suffering of others.

Miracles Do Happen! is a moving autobiography of a very remarkable lady.
ISBN 1 87 4316 37 6 - at present out of print.
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under the title
'Miracles Existent!' - at present out of print.

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